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Please note - There will be no Obednitsas in August and September

Saturday 3d September:
Vespers and confession - 6.30pm

Sunday 4th September:
Apostle Thaddeus

Hours and confession 10.00am,
Divine Liturgy - 10.30am
with blessing for children starting beginning of school year.

Followed by parish meal - all welcome, contributions to the meal are much appreciated.

Sunday 24th September
St Silouan of Mt Athos


Hours and confession 10.00am,
Divine Liturgy - 10.30am



Our first Patronal Festival

The first patronal festival of the Parish of Saint Silouan of Mount Athos was celebrated on Saturday 25th September, on the Saturday before the Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross. Fr Joseph, in his homily, 
showed how the life of St. Silouan was a fulfilment of the Gospel for that day. (Matt.10:37-11:1): leaving his beloved family, St. Silouan took up the cross as a monk on Mount Athos. St. Silouan’s life and teaching show how to take up the cross, each one according to his or her given measure, in the humble acceptance of trials and adversity.
The Liturgy was followed by a moleben to St. Silouan, and a festal meal enjoyed by all. We were joined by Fr William Perry from the parish of Holy Trinity, by whose kindness we have been able to use the church hall for our services. 

You can view pictures here.

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