The Divine Liturgy is usually held twice a month, on the first and the third Sundays (with an Evening service on a preceding Saturday at 6pm)
10.30 - Hours and confession
11.00 - Liturgy

Below is the  timetable of services at the Orthodox Parish of St Silouan of Mt Athos, Southampton




January:   Sat/Sun 6/7th Vigil/Liturgy - Nativity of Jesus Christ
                 Sat/Sun 20/21 Vespers/Liturgy

February: Sat/Sun 3d/4th Vespers/Liturgy
                Sat/Sun 17/18th Vespers/Liturgy

March:     Sat/Sun 3d/4th Vespers/Liturgy
                Sat/Sun 17/18th Vespers/Liturgy

April:       Sat/Sun 7th/8th  Vigil/Liturgy - Easter

May:       Sat/Sun 5th/6th Vespers/Liturgy
              Sun 20th Obednitsa (Reader's Service)

June:       Sat/Sun 2d/3d June Vespers/Liturgy
                Sun 17th Obednitsa (Reader's Service)
                Sat 30th Vespers

July:        Sun 1st Liturgy
                Sun 15th Obednitsa (Reader's Service)

August:    Sat/Sun 4th/5th Vespers/Liturgy

September: Sat/Sun 1st/2nd  Vespers/Liturgy
                  Sat/Sun 22nd/23d Vigil/Liturgy - Patronal Feast

October:     Sat/Sun 6th/7th  Vespers/Liturgy

November: Sat/Sun 3d/4th
November Vespers/Liturgy

December: Sat/Sun 1st/2nd Vespers/Liturgy