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Sunday, 17 June

 3rd Sunday after Pentecost.
St. Metrophanes, first archbishop of Constantinople (326).
Fast of the Holy Apostles.

 10.45am - Obednitsa (Reader's Service) followed by tea.

Saturday, June 30
6.30 pm
– Vespers, Confessions. 

Sunday, July 1
10.00 am - Hours and Confessions
10.30 am - Divine Liturgy

followed by bring and share lunch





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Talent Show

On Saturday 16 July, our Parish held the Talent Show with a delicious meal for guests, generous Lottery prizes and a programme of performances by our very talented Parishioners, young and... a little older ones.

This was organised by the Sunday School to raise money towards the Piam Brown children's cancer ward at the Southampton general Hospital. It was a second fundraiser that the children took part in, and upto date they have raised £350 (the first event was a sale of cakes, made by the children during the Easter party).

Full photoreport here.