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Sunday, 17 June

 3rd Sunday after Pentecost.
St. Metrophanes, first archbishop of Constantinople (326).
Fast of the Holy Apostles.

 10.45am - Obednitsa (Reader's Service) followed by tea.

Saturday, June 30
6.30 pm
– Vespers, Confessions. 

Sunday, July 1
10.00 am - Hours and Confessions
10.30 am - Divine Liturgy

followed by bring and share lunch





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Pilgrimage to Mt Athos 2016. Fr Joseph Skinner

- Fr. Joseph, was this trip in any way different from your previous ones? - Every visit to Athos is different. It's very difficult to express in words. This one was very calm, we walked absolutely everywhere, from one end of the Holy Mountain to the other, it was a total immersion into the atmosphere of the place, very peaceful. We travelled from monastery to monastery, staying a night in each one. We arranged it so that we didn't use taxis, but walked from one place to the next. We covered 124 km in just 4 days.

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